Friday, February 22, 2008

Award Friday

Mr. Tigger wants to thank The Crew, George, Tipper, Max and Misty for giving him and The M-Cats Club this Cat Blog Friendship Award for creativity and success in getting more cats involved in blogosphere activities.

Let's Give Bert a M-Cats Shout for his 2nd Birthday!

Check out these Cool Cat Blogosphere Places to visit this weekend.........

Board the Friday Ark at The Modulator (submit your post here)

Weekend Cat Blogging #142 Feb 23-24: Bad Kitty Cats (see the weeks host to enter your WCB post in the comments for the weekend roundup)

Optional Theme - CatNip Or Treats (submit your post here)


Alasandra said...

Congratulations Tigger ~Socks

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Congratualtions! You deserve many many awards for putting all this together. It is a lot of work and we appreciate it.

I can't believe our friend has been gone a whole month. It seems like yesterday.

PB & J said...

Congratulations - that's a perfect award for the M-cats! Well done Mr. Tigger.

It's Bert's Birthday today, so if anybody wants to stop by for some nip birthday cake or niptinis please do!

Shelby said...

I so lost as to what all these links are for. Nice award

La Gata Lola said...

Congratulations for the awards!

Kisses n Hugs!!