Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday with Caesar at The M-Cats Club and Cocoa Puffs BD/GD

This Thursday Caesar shows us that is is cool to sleep with our siblings! This is Princess Caesar's sister.
Today is Cocoa Puff's 11th Birthday. Please go by and say Happy Birthday!
Did you know that only 9 kitties have voted for their favorites in the Monty Q contest? Everyone, let your vote be heard today! Go By and VOTE NOW!


Mickey said...

Caesar was a super cool cat!!!!!!!! He was kind and cared about his sisfur :)
I need to work on being more like him. I do not get along too well with my sisfurs. I think it might be due to the big age difference ;)
Purrs Mickey

HotMBC said...

Yep, Caesar was right. Sometimes it's just great to curl up with your sisfur. It's not so hot when they decide to bite your ears in the process, though. But I try to be nice even when they do and just get away without trying to bite their ears back.
your bud Pepi

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

what a nice brother he was. i think i would try to be like that...maybe.

Happy Birthday to Cocoa Puff!!!

China Cat said...

Caesar was right. I love curling up with Willow! She is very warm and I love being warm!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat

Princess said...

I really miss snuggling with my sweet brother <3

I hope Cocoa Puff had the best birthday ever!!