Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome to Pierro's First Birthday at the M-Cats Club

SURPRIZE Pierro!! Happy 1st Birthday!

Some Cat Cakes
Our Waiters today are John and Charlie (front) and
Steve and George are our Bartenders (back)
They are here to serve our drinks and food.
Meet Herman Our Chef
And his Staff! They will prepare all our food today!

Help yourself (or get one of the human slaves to help you). There's plenty!
Niptinis and Lizquillas and Singapurr Slings and anything you can imagine. Just ask the human slave bartender to fix it up for you. He can even do a Blue Tuna Gizzy, if you want.
There's also nip punch and fresh water for those who are mancats in training or prefer it.

Some Niptingnon from Karl!


Mr. Tigger said...

Surprize Pierro!!!Happy 1st Birthday!
From all of us at the M-Cats Club and your Furiends!
Hi 5 paw,

Kellykat said...

Happy Purrthday Pierro! I guess you've finally lost your training wheels. I brought you a premimum nip cigar. Enjoy! Great spread you've got going on here. My compliments to Herman. Steve! Mix me up a Singapurr Sling and keep em comin.

Gattina said...

Happy, happy birthday dear Pierro ! Arthur and Rosy plus the others are singing you a birthday song. What a lot of things to eat, I will send them over to clean up the buffet !!

goldenshade said...

This party rawks Pierro!!!!!!!

Hope you have a very special birthday!!

Not I am going to hit that awesome buffet! I may take home a kittybag for Shade, if you don't mind.

Purrs Goldie

Anonymous said...

Wow, Pierro! Happy First Birthday! Welcome to the M-Cats Club! You are now O-fficialy a Mancat! You'll probably even get a new badge soon!

Princess said...

[mom does not know how to change the profile picture]



OH! I am... so... surpr- happy happy happy happy
Yaay, a party for me yayyyayyyayyyay
Happy Birthday everykitty!

oh goodie, yumyum
Thank you for this wowie surprise

5 bigmarble purrs and high paws

Princess said...

Pierro: Kellykat, thank you for the nip cigar!! I love nip toys!

Princess said...


Thank you m-cats club for all you do for m-cats and m-cats in training and for all you do for the cat community!

purrrs and love always

ZOOLATRY said...

Yum yum, we think we'll be celebrating here with Pierro for a long, long time... what a wonderful birthday bash!

The Island Cats said...

Happy 1st ManCat birthday, Pierro!
Whoohoo! Par-tay!!!!

Wally & Ernie

Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail said...

Happy First Birthday to you Pierro, you is a REAL mancat now. That's quite some paw-ty the guys here at the M-Cats Club is thowin' you.

Don't paw-ty too much and don't be dancin' on the bar!

Furkidsmom said...

Happy Birthday Pierro! WOW what a spread!!! This is a great way to celebrate! Concatulations on being a member of the M-Cats Club!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

happy birthday Pierro! you've been training hard and you've certainly grown up into a fine Mancat.

Mr Tigger, you throw a great party!

Bendrix would like so serve Pierro his first 5 niptinis. I told him no

The Furry Kids said...

Happy happy happy birthday, Pierro!


Dragonheart and Merlin said...

Happy Birthday Pierro! :) Congratulations on being a Mancat! :) We hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Lily Arbee said...

Sorry dear, "Happy belated Birthday", hope you don't mind.

Lots of Love from Marang, Malaysia