Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday with Caesar at the M-Cats Club

This Thursday Caesar is showing us we need to survey the outside of our homes for intruders and birdies!
"With their qualities of cleanliness, discretion, affection, patience, dignity, and courage, how many of us, I ask you, would be capable of becoming cats?" - Fernand Mery Her Majesty the Cat

Please keep Skeeter and his family in your purrayers!

July M-Cats BD/GD

Sparky Fuzzypants GD 3, 1998
Kimo & Sabi BD 4, 2004
Skeeter BD 4, 1992
George BD 10, 1997
Dragonheart BD 18, 2006
Simon BD 15, 1006
Earl Grey BD 31, 2005

If your BD/GD is in July and not on this list, please leave a comment and we will add it to the list. Thanks Mr. Tigger


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sparky & Skeeter!

Tybalt said...

Poor Skeeter - I'm still purring hard for him.

Happy birthday to all of our great members!

Angus Mhor said...

I'm purring for our friend Skeeter, too..and Happy Birthday and Happy Gotcha Day to all the fella's!

PB & J said...

Happy birthday and gotcha day to all our cool M-Cat members!

We're purring sooo hard for Skeeter, but we know that The Big Thing will do what's right.

Lux said...

We can all learn from Caesar!

Happy Birthday to all the July kitties! And Happy Gotcha Day to Sparky Fuzzypants!

Brownie said...

Hi Mr.T! Nice to meet you
I can make Man-Ham mondays instead of my brofur, and you can put me in "ManCats in training" 'cuz i'm just 2 moths old ;)

I'm making a blog fur me, but you don't have permission to enter, when I make it public, you can link to it at: