Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday with Caesar and Chance

This Thursday Caesar shows us that it is okay to eat with our sisters and not steal their food, because we M-Cats eat faster!! Check out Pierro and Ceasar's ManCat Monday Post!
Chance's 1st Gotcha Day was Dec. 1! All of us at the M-Cats Club wish him many more!!
"Cats have an infallible understanding of total concentration--and get between you and it."- Arthur Bridges


Kiddo said...

Happy Gotcha Day Chance, old boy!

Can I be in the M-cats club??


PB 'n J said...

Happy Gotcha Day Chance!

And, as always, Caesar was a very wise ManCat!

Princess said...

Chance is really handsome, Happy gotcha day handsome!

Yeah, Caesar was a nice guy.
We still miss him *sigh*

Happy week-end Tiggerguy