Monday, January 5, 2009

M-Cats Club Birthday/Gotcha Day Updated List

Hi M-Cats! I have been working on the Birthday and Gotcha List. Please take a minute and check yours! If it is wrong, please leave a comment with the correct date(s). If yours, is not listed, please add it in the comments!
Mr. Tigger


Laila and Minchie said...

Minchie here. I'm not listed. My birthday is July 16, 2004.

Also, I never gotted my purrsonalized badge.


Anonymous said...

Our Birthday is May 1st

Our Gotcha Day is May 21st

Cafe Cats said...

Iago's Birthday is September 6, 2008 and Gotcha Day is 10/4/08 (So he'll be a Mancat in 09/09!)

We think we sent you Baci's info.

Thanks for all that you do, Mr. Tigger!

Derby said...

Derby here. My purrthday is October 20, 2003. You have my Gotcha day just fine.

Cory said...

Hi, my brother Madison is not on the list. His actual birthday is May 13, 1996. He doesn't have his badge yet either. Let me know if we need to resend his mug...I mean picture.

The Island Cats said...

Ours are right!

Ernie's GD year is 2006
Wally's BD year is 2003

Also, Wally's GD is 7/31/2003.
We don't know Ernie's BD exactly.


Wally & Ernie

Anya said...

Thank you for visit me ;)
The birthday from Kareltje is
26 january born 1998
I have yesterday send you a mail about the badge !!

Princess said...

Pierro's birthday is September 23rd and his gotcha day is March 26

We are so glad to have him!

Milo said...

Yep - mine is correct. I can't wait to be 1 year old 'cos then I'll be a real mancat instead of a nearly mancat!