Monday, July 20, 2009

The M-Cats Club-ManCat Monday Members-Eric & Flynn

Today's ManCat Monday Members are Eric & Flynn!! Today they celebrate there 3rd Anniversary!! Congratulations and many more!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Carnival Of The Cats #278 at The M-Cats Club

Welcome to This Weeks COTC!!
Hit or Miss? Did Cosette hurt Hemi at Hemi'sPhere or was she just playing? And is Hemi the King of the house?

It's Snackie Time with Audace at Momma Grace & Company! And he turning in a winning performance! Maybe he should try out for America's Got Talent!!

Check out Arthur at My Cats & Funny Stories and find out how he has been earning money in this tough economy!

Will Luna at CatSynth be the next Cat sensation on the Keyboard? Stay turned to find out!

There is live entertainment at This Blog Is Full of Crap!! In One corner is Nardo and in the other is Bruwyn!!

Rahel at Elms in the Yard remembers Lady in Red!! Such a sweet LadyCat she was!
Also check out A Cool Place To Rest! And let's see if Her Ladyship & Catschka can eat and be nice at the same time?

You just have to check out Robyn & Bebe at The Poor Mouth!! They know a good thing when they see it!

Aloysius from Catmology just wants to have some fun scoping the yard all night long, but his Humans want him to come in so they can go to sleep!

Check out Hubble Trouble at Blog d'Elisson and watch out for that Cosmic Mystery that gets solved at the end!

Salome from 3 Tabby Cats In Vienna shows us the cool tuna crackers they made!! We want some!! And Then Salome played her new favoritest Game The RED DOT!!AND THEN The Mom of the House gave us the recipe for the Tuna Crackers!!
Now how cool was that!! They Look Yummy for the tummy!

All of us at The M-Cats Club celebrated two new members and 2 Birthdays!! If you are a ManCat come on over and Join us!

Also check out some great articles by...

Who Moved My Bone about Dasuquin for Cats And
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Thanks for stopping by and next weeks Carnival of The Cats will be Hosted By Artsy Catsy!! Stay a spell and have some food and Drink!! All of us at The M-Cats Club!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The M-Cats Club-New Members & 2 Birthday's

Please Welcome our two Newest
M-Cats Club Members!!

Today Mowzer is an Official M-Cat!
Him and Tiki are brothers!
Just click on the pictures to take you to their BLOGS!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July M-Cats Club Birthday/Gotcha Days

Sparky Fuzzypants BD/GD 3, 1998
Kimo & Sabi BD 4, 2004
Smokey & Tiger BD 4, 2006
Virgil BD 4, 2008
George BD 10, 1997
Mowzer BD 10, 2008
Dragonheart BD 15, 2006

Simon BD 15, 2006
Minchie BD 16, 2004
Niko BD 21, 2008
TJ GD, 22, 2007
Koko GD 24, 2003
Dylan BD 27,
Earl Grey BD 31, 2005
Sol, BJ & Smokey BD/GD 31, 2007
Wally GD 31, 2003