Thursday, February 28, 2013

Welcome To The M-Cats Club

Come on in!

This club is for ManCats to hang out, have some fun, help others, and go on some wonderful Adventures!

To Join just leave a Comment and we'll add you to the Club!

Kashim & Othello are helping with the Logo and Badges. Rocky, at Artsy Catsy came up with the name.

We also have a M-Cats-In-Training Group, for Cats under 1 Year old.

Thanks for stopping by!
Mr. Tigger From Cat-Lands

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Need A M-Cat Club Member Badge?
Please send your headshot to Kashim & Othello at catboys @ - we will try to respond as quick as possible with your badge. Please do also tell if you are a M-Cat or a M-Cat-in-training! Thanks!

Birthday and Gotcha Days

Please leave your Birthday and/or Gotcha Day in the Comment Section HERE!