Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Meet the Staff at the M-Cats Club

Come on in! Have some food and a drink or two!
It's just for us ManCats!

Meet our Waiters John and Charlie (front) and
Steve and George our Bartenders (back)
They are here 24/7 to serve our drinks and food.
Meet Herman Our Chef
He and his staff will be preparing us delicious food
and drinks any time we are hungry!

If you want to join the M-Cats Club, please leave a comment in the post at the top or in this one and you are in!
Thanks for stopping by! Mr. Tigger


The Meezers said...

cool!! it's nice to haf waiters! and the foods look wonderful!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Wow, da staff looks furry profeshunal...my sisfurs are jellus.

Parker said...

Rudy here - This is wonderful - it rocks! It's great to be a Man-cat!

Alasandra said...

I feel very pampered here. I'll take some smoked salmon for breakfast and hang out here for awhile until it warms up enough to go hunting outside

Not only is it great to be a Man~cat belonging to the M~Cats Club rocks.


Mickey said...

Oh boy!! Peacs & quiet ,away from my sisfurs!!!!!!!!!
Purrs Mickey

Chance said...

Howy Cwaps, we got slaves to surves us too? DIS PWACE IS PAWSUM!

Iz gonna spen mai dayz here wile Mommie does her day huntin stuff. Id never leeve but Iz sure she wuld missy me.


DEBRA said...

Our own place furr juss us guys...awww this is the life...

Ping and Jinx

Eric and Flynn said...

Herman and his team are doing a very good job wiv the food and drinks.

The Crew said...

Herman looks like he'll do a fine job of keeping us well fed. Nice menu choices, too!

Do we have to make reservations if we want to reserve the top shelf of the cat trees?

Max and I will be sending our photos as soon as my secretary gets her act together!


Anonymous said...

Herman the Chef looks like he'll know exactly what we'd like to eat.

Tybalt said...

Oh my . . . everything looks so wonderful! Herman, do you think I could have coq au vin for a late lunch?

PB & J said...

Oh this is super! I think I'll definitely help myself to some of that sushi, Bert what will you have?


P.S. Mommy is laggin on the pictures as well, we'll get on her!

Derby said...

Nice staff and available 24/7.

Some shrip and steak appetizers and a niptini.