Monday, January 28, 2008

Our First Mancat Monday Post

Princess posted Caesar's ManCat Monday post, please go by and leave a comment. Mr. Tigger

Here I am waiting to pounce on Samantha
as she comes around the corner!

For Mancat Monday's I'd like to showcase a M-Cat and/or M-Cat-in-Training Member every week. You can send it to mrtigger9 (at) g mail (d0t) com or leave a comment in one of the weekly posts that is okay to use yours for the week!


Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Great photo of you behind the greenery, Tigger!

Kaz's Cats said...

Good work Tigger - she'll never spot you there - it doesn't hurt to keep your sister on her toes,



Alasandra said...
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Alasandra said...

I'll try to let Mommy find me doing something worthy of a mancat so she can take my picture, and you can use it.

I caught a rabbit and I think that would have been excellent, but Mommy freaked out and tried to rescue the rabbit.

Mommy said I have to remember to SIGN MY POST.


Princess said...

This is nice that you put a link here. Wowie. Caesar would have loved this club.
Tigger, you are very sneaky! If I were Samantha I would be screaming!!!!!

Tybalt said...

Well . . . I should probably say something like "How dare you pounce on my princess" but seeing as how I have my own two sisters to keep in line, all I can say is it is tough to be the mancat enforcer, buddy.

Anonymous said...

What a good hidey spot!

Eric and Flynn said...

That's a good hidey place, Tigger.

Princess said...

Oh yeah, any time you want to post one of Caesar's remember blogs you can. He would be proud. Kind of like an old picture of a great friend on the wall


PB & J said...

Ohh that's sneaky! We both try that on Pearl, but she usually pounces us first - those torties are sneaky!

Alasandra said...

I finally did a mancat post.

You may use it, if you like. Since I don't like having my picture taken Mommy says she doesn't know when I'll be able to do another one.