Friday, February 15, 2008

M-Cats Club Birthday/Gotcha Day List

Hi M-Cats Club Members:
Please leave your Birthday and Gotcha Day Dates in the comment Section in this post so we can start our List!
Mr. Tigger

Taps BD, 1, 1992
Guy BD, 1, 2002
Luxor BD 4, 2004
Sam GD, 16, 2000
Colby & Cheddar BD, 25, 2008

Beethoven GD, 3, 2008
Tamir BD 4,
Bert BD 22nd, 2006
Willie BD 28, 2008

Victor TabbyCat BD 1st, 2005
BD 3rd, 2007
Tigger (Pet's Cat) BD 7th, 2005
Ernie GD 11, 2006

Stryder BD/GD, 1, 2004
Chase BD 7, 2000
Eric & Flynn BD 8, 2000
Arthur BD 12, 2002
Caesar BD 15, 1991
Dr. Tweety 15, 2000
Vincent BD 19, 2007
SonnyBob & Sir Woody BD 21, 2007
Angus 21,
Colby & Cheddar Gd, 23, 2008
Bert GD 23, 2006
Pumpkin BD/GD 23, 2001
Milo BD 24, 2008

Jake BD, 1, 2001
Gandalf & Grayson BD 1,
Madison BD 13, 1996
Max, Crew's Views BD 6, 2004
Derby GD 7, 2005
Miles BD 10, 2005
Mr. Tigger 15, 2001
Manny GD 17, 2008
Jake GD 23, 2001
WillieGD 23, 2008
Kashim & Othello GD 30, 2002

Mr. Echo GD 3, 2006
Monty Q BD 6, 2006
Boots BD 7, 2002
Sammy Meezer BD 10, 2004
Chance BD, 15, 2007
Wally BD 16, 2003
Phinney BD 18, 2007
Lucky Charmz BD/GD 20, 2003
Sir Dante Barbossa BD 21, 2005
TJ BD 22, 2007
Caesar GD 27, 1991
Emil BD 28, 2007
Fat Eddy BD 2006

July M-Cats BD/GD
Sparky Fuzzypants BD/GD 3, 1998
Kimo & Sabi BD 4, 2004
Smokey & Tiger BD 4, 2006
George BD 10, 1997
Virgil BD 4, 2008
Dragonheart BD 15, 2006

Simon BD 15, 2006
Minchie BD 16, 2004
Niko BD 21, 2008
TJ GD, 22, 2007
Koko GD 24, 2003
Dylan BD 27,
Earl Grey BD 31, 2005
Sol, BJ & Smokey BD/GD 31, 2007
Wally GD 31, 2003

Pepi GD, 1, 1998
Brainball, GD, 1
Socks BD, 19

Cecil BD 28th, 2007
Cocoa Puff BD/GD 28, 1997

Vincent GD, 6, 2007
Iago BD 6, 2008
Niko GD 14, 2008
Tristan GD 15, 2008
Sam BD, 29, 1999
Vladimir GD, 21, 1991
Redfurd GD 24, 2005

Percy GD 2, 2008
Frito & Cheeto GD 2, 2008
Iago GD 4, 2008
Thai GD 5, 2008
Fat Eric BD, 6, 1995
Fat Eric GD. 6, 2003
Karl GD, 9, 2004
Derby BD 20, 2003
Simon GD 20, 2006
Smokey & Tiger GD 21, 2006

Othello, 11, 2000
Cecil GD 4th, 2007
Mr. Hendrix BD/GD, 4, 2004
Leo from purrrrs BD 15, 2007
Boy BD, 15, 1993
Beethoven, 17, 2007
Beezer GD, 25,

Chance GD, 1, 2007
Beethoven BD, 17, 2007
Kashim BD, 19, 1999
Shammy BD/GD, 21, 2000
Boy GD, 31, 1993


Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

My birthday is August 19th. ~Socks

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Our purrfdays are bofe on April
8th, and we will be 8 this year.

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Hiya Mr. Tigger, this is Sam!
My birthday is 9/29/99 and my gotcha date is 1/16/00.
P.S. I was born in Florida.

Howdy Mr. Tigger, this is Simon!
My birthday is 7/15/06 and my gotcha date is 10/20/06.
P.S. I was born in Georgia.

Lilly Lu, Iris and Maxwell Mufsa Millon said...

mu shue here my purday and gotya day are sept 27

The Cat Realm said...

We don't know my birthday but my gotcha day is October 9, 2004.
Emil's birthday is June 29, 2007 and his gotcha day is - and I only realized this today, when I looked it up - October 9 (!) , 2007.

Milton said...

Mine gotcha day in the day before Thanksgiving (in the US) so that would be the Wednesday before the last Thursday.

LZ said...

I'm April something. Lets go with April 7th (that's our horse sister's birthday). I'll be 8 too. Eric & Flynn and I should have a bash together!


Hot(M)BC said...

Mine's August 1 (all us Hotties share the same purrthday). I guess I'll be 10 then. Dunno for sure. Who knows. I'm still a fast movin slow groovin kinda mancat tho. heheheh
your bud Pepi

Gattina said...

Arthur was born April 12, 2002 !
(my cats & funny stories)

Earl Grey said...

My birthday is 7/31/05 & my gotcha day is 10/08/05.

Thank you


Victor Tabbycat said...

My purrthday is "approx Mar 1, 2005" - I think approx means it was afternoon.

My gotchaday ::spin:: was Oct 29, 2005. Dat was my firstest doption fair, so I dopted Mom.

Leona said...

My gotcha day is in January. My birthday is a mystery cause I was a stray living under the porch. We just say January 1st. I turned 6 or 7 this year!- Guy

Pet and The Bengal Brats said...

Tigger shares his Birthday with his human Pet, March 7th(but Tigger was born in 2005).
SonnyBob and Sir Woody's Birthday
is April 21st,2007.

Mr. Hendrix said...

My birthday/gotcha day is November 4, 2004. My mommy calls my Gotcha Day my Birthday cause that is when my "real life" started. My feral days are over!

Fat Eric said...

My purrthday is celebrated on my Gotcha Day which is October 26th. And this year (2008) it will be my 13th Purrthday and my 5th Gotcha Day.

PB 'n J said...

Bert's Birthday is Feb. 22nd and his Gotcha Day is April 23, both 2006 - it'll be two years soon!

My Birthday is May 1st 2001 and my Gotcha Day was May 23rd the same year.


Kavan said...

I'm so excited, my birthday is March 3, and I turn one and can be a real man cat. Just two more weeks!


Anonymous said...

Taps...My birthday is 1-1-91. We don't remember my gotcha day.

Shamy.. My birthday is 12-21-00 which is also my gotcha day.

TJ...My birthday is 6-22-07 and my gotcha day is 7-22-07

Chance said...

Birthday - June 15th 2007

Gotcha Day - December 1st 2007

Unknown said...

Hi, M-Cat in Training, Vincent here. My birthday is April 19th, 2007 and my Gotcha day is Sept. 6th, 2007.

Boy said...

Mine Gotcha Day was on 31st Dec 1993 and mine purrthday is 15th Nov 1993.

That Thing's (Beethoven) Gotcha Day was 3rd Feb 2008 and his purrthday is 17th Dec 2007.

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Oh, I think my Gotcha Day is March 23rd! I'm not exactly sure when my birthday is, but I'll be 9 yrs old by best guess.

Quilt Granny said...

This is Fat Eddy. My birthday is near the end of June, 2006 I think and my brother Phinney was born last June 18, I think. I'll have to see if the lady peep has some medical records for us.

MaoMao said...

My Gotcha Day's February 19!

Brainball said...

And my Gotcha Day is August 1!

Colby and Cheddar said...

Hi, our Birfday is January 25, 2008, and our Gotcha day was April 23, 2008!

Robyn and The (Mostly) Badass Cat said...

August 1 is my purrthday (at least, that's when we selebrates it) I'll be either 9 or 10 this year, I forget. haha!
the Pepster

Anonymous said...

For reasons which I fail to fathom, my Gotcha Day is celebrated on September 21st.

I cannot recall the exact reason for the choice of date just now, I have merely a hazy memory of being very small and lost in a grim alley.

Believe me, its pointless to ask my Can Opener. She has trouble remembering where she put her spectacles, much less trying to pinpoint what we were both doing 17 years ago.

Toffee K. Ripple Fuzzypants & Feline American Angels said...

Lucky Charmz BD/GD is June 20, 2003
Pumpkin BD/GD is April 23, 2001
Sparky Fuzzypants BD/GD is July 3, 1998
Cocoa Puff BD/GD is August 28, 1997


Mom says that our birthdays are the same as our gotcha days 'cuz she didn't know us when we were bein' born, so we were "born" the day that she 'dopted us.

Buckwheat Snapp said...

My BD is 28 Feb 2008 and GD 23 May 2008.

I would like to be in the Mcats in training club.


Kellykat said...

Stryder's birthday is May 1st and he turned 4 this year. His gotcha day is the same date cause he was born at home.

Karen and Gerard said...

My Man Cat, Manny, looks just like you, Mr. Tigger and we just got him on May 17, 2008. He's 3 years old. His blog can be found in the "Cat Corner" section at

Anonymous said...

my b-day is january 25, 1988. hey i love your site i want to join. i really love cats!

The Florida Furkids said...

My birthday is February 4th. My silly sisters and I just started our first blog!

Karen and Gerard said...

Manny's gotcha day is May 17, 2008.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

My three mancats-in-training will all turn one year old on July 31st, which is their birthday and gotcha day.

Sol (Solitaire Noir), BJ and Smokey

Robyn and The (Mostly) Badass Cat said...

Oh yeah, my purrthday is August 1. Well, we celebrate it then because I'd never met a calendar or a clock when I was born. I was born in Furginia.
your bud Pepi

Kellykat said...

Opps! My meowmy made a mistake when she gave you my birthday. It's actually April 1st, 2004, not May. But since it hasn't been added to the birthday list I guess no harm is done.

The Island Cats said...

Wally: My Birthday is June 16

Ernie: I don't know when my birthday is but my Gotcha Day is March 11.

Please add us to the list!

Wally & Ernie
The Island Cats

Niko and Cloud said...

My gotcha day is September 14th 2008 and My purrday is June 21st 2008.

Anonymous said...

Smokey and Tigers birthday is July 4, 06 and their gotcha day is Oct. 21, 06

Niko and Cloud said...

Mom made a mistake. My purrday is July 2nd 2008.

Whimpurr said...

We haven't received our badges yet ... just wanted to make sure you got our pics ok! ;o)

Boots - approx. Birthday 6/07/02

Redfurd - Gotcha Day 9/24/05

Pepper - Birthday 4/07/03

Nicey- Gotcha - 9/28/08

Percy - Gotcha 9/12/08

Frito AND Cheeto - Gotcha 10/02/08

Thai - Gotcha 10/05/08

Anonymous said...

My birthday is April 24th and I was borned in 2008.

tahtimbo said...

Koko's GD is July 24, 2003

Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail said...

My GD is September 15, 2008. I was three years old when I was gotcha'd, but I don't know when my real purrthday is, not one told me!

Unknown said...

My birthdaay is May 5th!


Rosemary B❤️ said...

Pierro's birthday is on September 23!!
he came to us on March 26.
WE are so glad to have him

Anonymous said...

Crikey's birthday is February 14, 2003. He'll be 6 years old next week!

Anonymous said...

Man Cat! That's MEEEE!!! I was "gotcha" date 2/3/09 and the white coats assigned me a birthday of 6/1/08. I'm an orange striped tabbytat ... Officially "Sebastian O'Malley TabbyTat. I live with her royal hine-ass Misty Whispurrs, who thinks she's MUCH better than me because of her exalted breed. Humpf. At least I let the Beans in the house massage ME.

Cocoa avec une Guimauve said...

Is the gotcha day the day the nice bean took us out of the cold and into warm beds and all the food we could eat?

Locket was "gotchad" January 6, 2009, and D'Artagnan, the stubbornest, held out until January 11, 2009. I think that was really mean of him. It was below zero outside and the bean ran out several times to feed him without a coat.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Alfie is thrilled to be a mancat in training and he wondered if you would mind adding him to the list of birthday/gotcha days?

His was borned 1st September 2008 and his gotcha day was 22nd November 2008.

You already have my birthday down - but my gotcha day was 4th June 2008.

Love Milo xx (and Alfie)

Rusty said...

My birthday is March 10, 1991. My Gotcha Day is May 1, 1991. (No typos there, I AM an old guy!)

Bruce said...

bruce the cat was officially adopted on April 23, 2008, so that is my Gotcha date:)

CCL Wendy said...

Hi, we are two mancats who would like to join your club.

Dante whose birthday is January 15th and Dylan who was born on July 27th!

Thanks guys!

Pierro said...

My gotcha day is March 26 and my birthday is September 28 2007

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Silly Pierro your birthday is not September 28!!! it is September 23rd!! silly silly kitten

Anonymous said...

my birthday is on 12th December which is also the same day as my adoption day.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Barack's B-day is in november 19th, gotcha day, December 19th.
Michelle's B-day we don't know, gotcha day April 23rd.
And they are still 2 babies, turning both 1 this year.

cats4meows said...

GOTCHA DAY* ---- 10 MAY 2009


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

My birthday is November the 19th and I will be 10 this year.. Thanks GJ xx

Tiki and Mowzer said...

mine is today!!!

Boom Nisanart said...

Puddy 's GD is September 20, 2010

Everyday Mr Puddy

Mr Puddy said...

My Birthday is on September 3, 2008 and my Gotcha Day is on September 20, 2010


Clooney said...

Hello there! I'm George Clooney The Cat and my Birthday is
July 14, 2006 and my Gotcha day is January 22, 2007. I'd like to join the M-Cat Club please.

Unknown said...

Hi There
My Name is Kozmo. My birthday is September 25, 2010 and my gottcha day is December 23, 2010
Thank You
Kozmo (from the Cat From Hell)