Sunday, May 25, 2008

Carnival Of The Cats # 219-Remembering Bonnie Underfoot

Come One! Come All!
To see the Greatest Cats of ALL the Cat Blogosphere!

This weeks Edition is in Memory of Bonnie Underfoot who unexpectedly went to the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday!
All of us here at The M-Cats Club will miss you!

This song is Samantha & Mr. Tiggers tribute for Bonnie!

Aloysius from Catmology knows perfection when he sees it! Find out what it is!

Find out why bathing Denali at Nanashi is dangerous! Look at the pictures!

Find out from Sophie over at J. Givler Coaching the things our pets can teach us!

This CAT at What Works For Us, is not a happy camper? Could it have something to do with a dog and a toddler?

Skittles, from the Whole Kitten Caboodle remembers Bonnie in her entry this week!

Check out the Beautiful Cat Models at Cato's Catwalk!! See who was at the first rehearsals! We can't wait for the show! Have you entered?

Packet at TacJammer has a TV addiction! And it gives him red eye? Or is it he likes Red Eye? Oh well, go check for yourself!

Blue Abby from ManxMNews shared this picture of Bonnie in her tribute this week! Please read the rest of the Story! Bonnie was one of a Kind!

It's Chance Bond and Mommie!! Oh thank heavens he has forgiven'll have to check it out to find out what for!

Kokopelli is missing from Composite Drawings Mom's House! Please go by and send some purrrs her way!

Pica over at Lab Cat has found the purrfect place to relax! Ah, the life of luxury we cats enjoy!

Henry rules his porch over at Texas Oasis! Please go by an pay him a visit!

This is Weekend Of Hugs for Bonnie! To find out more visit The Meezers and Derby!!
And now Ladies and Gentlemen Cats meet Faith Boo first time Lizard Hunter from Missy & KC's ! Check out the 13 Things she learned from the experience!

Where in the World is Chey? See if you can guess!! My lips are sealed!

The Cats At Artsy Catsy send a Happy Birthday HUG out to ML and (((((((((((((HUGS To All Their Furiends)))))))))))!! We at The M-Cats Club sent (((((((((((((((((hugs right back at you))))))))))))))))))))!!!!!

Hakuna from Blog d' Ellison can go from sedate dowager to feisty kitten! Find out what her secret to eternal kittenhood is!

Miles & Lizzie from annimiz went to visit their mom Misty! Check out their homecoming!

Sleeping Mommy has her hands full with a new Fish Aquarium and kittens who are taking a long time to get get use to the litter box!! Mo enjoys the fish!

Awwwww...............Puff you look so sweet sleeping in that chair! Looks like you are enjoying some sun on the porch at Pefectly Parker's!

Check out the cute Cats at Your Moosey Face! One is Hi and one is Mischief! Is that their names or descriptions we wonder?

Now it's time for our weekly LOL Cat Bible Readings at meeyauw's! And the ceiling cat looks very rested to us!

Stella writes a Purrayer for Bonnie on her Blog! And a very beautiful one it is!

Alex is the Life of the party over at Crazy Meezers! He is celebrating Jakes birthday and entering his picture in Kimo & Sabi's Jump & Shout Contest!

Mog shares her favorite tummy picture of Bonnie Underfoot! She had such attitude in everything she did! Cece and Meowza share a picture on Finally Friday, Meowza is sad over Bonnie's crossing to the Rainbow bridge, Meowza and Cece being furiends and Meowza show off his cute tummy on Tuesday!

Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Gree & Pepi at House of the Mostly Black Cats remember Bonnie as the Original Attack Tabby! Check out the great pictures they have of her.

The Cats at sisu hope dinner won't be long while Tuck prepares the soil and check out Tiny and the Babe as they garden!

What is a breakfast swam? And does it bite? Amber from This That and the Other Thing, tells us what it is and it involves Sox, Chubby, Kosmo and Mouse! And on a more somber note the TTandTOT share their Easy Sunday Morning & Making It Count Post!

Audace's favorite toy is a non store bought piece of twine with a mouse attached! Grace and Ruse join in, too! Check it out at Momma Grace and Company!

Luna at CatSynth is alone in a sea of cardboard! She strikes a very regal pose and looks so cute sitting there!

Check out the Mama and her cute kittens from Rahel at Elms in the Yard! They are cuties for sure!

Eric & Flynn show us how to hug properly during this Weekend of Hugs for Bonnie and they are so cute doing it!
Ever wonder what happens to all the Mouses that go missing? We think they have found the answer over at No Deep Thoughts!

Ivy and Maddie at Strange Ranger napped together in the same bed within touching distance!! Lady Ranger and Mr. Ranger were stunned to say the least! Check out the hard evidence!

China Cat and Willow Celebrate Hugs for Bonnie Weekend and Wish Us ALL a Happy Memorial Day, too! (((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) are made for sharing!

Thank you ALL for participating in this Weeks Carnival of the Cats #219!! We shall always miss Bonnie and it was wonderful to share our pictures and posts with you all! Next weeks Carnival Hosts will be Kashim & Othello!!

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS TO YOU ALL from the M-Cats Club)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

If your post is not here, please leave a comment and we will add you! Thanks! Mr. Tigger


Anonymous said...

Hi, I want to join M-Cats club, but I have sum quetshuns:
To be mancat, you have to be male?
How do I know i'm a mancat?

Can you tell me pleez?

Marilynn said...

I'm wondering if the submission link is working or not. It was having its problems a few weeks ago when Grace and I hosted.

Anyway -- here's what we sent you!


catsynth said...

Great carnival. But you forgot us :(

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Furry good carnival.
Fanks fur telling about Faith Boomerang's lizard catch. An look at all tha nice tributes to our sweet Bonnie Underfoot.
Happy Memorial Day!
***** HUGS *****
Love from KC & the Sherwood Bunch

Anonymous said...

What a super carnival week!

Robyn and The (Mostly) Badass Cat said...

Great carnival Mr Tig and club members! Ours is missing too.

I think blog carnival is being a bit whacked too, not you guys missing things. I had trouble when I logged in to blog carnival today to put up the permalink for this carnival. Ugh. We may not be able to continue using them if they keep acting up. Very annoying.

Carnival looks great anyways!
Robyn and the Hotties

Anonymous said...

I submitted a post to be including in this edition, I even got an incoming link from this post showing up on my blog's dashboard, yet my entry isn't listed or mentioned here. =/

*linked my article to my name btw*